Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

BATS People

Professor Nick Bates Senior Scientist and BIOS Associate Director of Research Principal Investigator (BATS & Hydrostation 'S')
Dr. Mike Lomas Senior Research Scientist
Co-Principal Investigator (BATS)
Dr. Rod Johnson Assistant Research Scientist Co-Principal Investigator (BATS & Hydrostation 'S')
Steven Bell Research Specialist Nutrient analysis, bacterial production
Matt Enright Research Technician CHN analysis of suspended and sedimenting particles
Rebecca Garley Research Technician Alkalinity and pCO2 analysis
Afonso Goncalves Research Technician BATS expeditions, data processing, software development, maintenance of data repositories and chemical analyses.
Julia Matheson Research Technician HPLC analysis of phytoplankton pigments in BATS samples, and is a core member of the seagoing BATS team.
Keven Neely Research Technician Alkalinity and pCO2 analysis
Samuel Stevens Research Technician Laboratory analysis, data processing and regularly participating in BATS research cruises, with a specific focus on the physical processes related to the time series.

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