Bermuda Atlantic Time-Series Study

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Extract CTD Data

** Note: If a large amount of data is requested, the server may timeout.
If this happens, try retrieving the data in multiple downloads.

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Single or Multiple Cruise Data:
Single Cruise CTD Data   Enter Cruise Number
  >> Convert date to Cruise Number
Multiple Cruise CTD Data Start Date
  End Date 

Depth for Extraction:  
  Minimum Depth (m)      
  Maximum Depth (m)     

   Temperature (° C)
   Oxygen (umol/kg)
   Beam Attenuation Coefficient (1/m)
   Fluoresence (rfu)

Output Format:
  ASCII Files
      Tab Delimited
      Space Delimited
Binary files
      MATLAB ® mat-file

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